March 3, 2021

White matter brain aging In Relationship to Schizophrenia and Its Cognitive Deficit

We hypothesized that cerebral white matter deficits in schizophrenia (SZ) are driven in part by accelerated white matter aging and are associated with cognitive deficits. We used machine learning model to predict individual age from diffusion tensor imaging features and calculated the delta age ({Delta}age) as the difference between predicted and chronological age. Through this approach, we translated multivariate white matter imaging features into an age-scaled metric and used it to test the temporal trends of accelerated aging-related white matter deficit in SZ and its association with the cognition. Followed feature selection, a machine learning model was trained with fractional anisotropy values in 34 of 43 tracts on a training set consisted of 107 healthy controls (HC). The brain age of 166 SZs and 107 HCs in the testing set were calculated using this model. Then, we examined the SZ-HC group effect on {Delta}age and whether this effect was moderated by chronological age using the regression spline model. The results showed that {Delta}age was significantly elevated in the age >30 group in patients (p

 bioRxiv Subject Collection: Neuroscience

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