January 20, 2021

The connectome predicts resting state functional connectivity across the Drosophila brain

Connectomic datasets have emerged as invaluable tools for understanding neural circuits in many systems. What constraints does the connectome place on information processing and routing in a large scale neural circuit? For mesoscale brain networks, the relationship between cell and synaptic level connectivity and brain function is not well understood. Here, we use data from the Drosophila connectome in conjunction with whole-brain in vivo imaging to relate structural and functional connectivity in the central brain. We find that functional connectivity is strongly associated with the strength of both direct and indirect anatomical pathways. We also show that some brain regions, including the mushroom body and central complex, show considerably higher functional connectivity to other brain regions than is predicted based on their direct anatomical connections. We find several key topological similarities between mesoscale brain networks in flies and mammals, revealing conserved principles relating brain structure and function.

 bioRxiv Subject Collection: Neuroscience

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