May 18, 2021

Place Cells in the Claustrum Remap Under NMDA Receptor Control

<p>Place cells are cells exhibiting location-dependent responses; they have mostly been studied in the hippocampus. Place cells have also been reported in the rat claustrum, an underexplored paracortical region with extensive corto-cortical connectivity. It has been hypothesised that claustral neuronal responses are anchored to cortical visual inputs. We show rat claustral place cells remap when visual inputs are eliminated from the environment and that this remapping is NMDA-receptor-dependent. Eliminating visual input enhances delta-band oscillatory activity in the claustrum, without affecting simultaneously-recorded visual cortical activity. We conclude that, like the hippocampus, claustral place field remapping might be mediated by NMDA receptor activity, and is modulated by visual cortical inputs.</p>
<p> bioRxiv Subject Collection: Neuroscience</p>
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