May 18, 2021

Nasal BCG Exposure Accelerates Dural Lymphatics Development via Macrophages’ Role in Newborn Mice

<p>The dural lymphatics develop mainly during the first postnatal month. Lymphatics may be shaped by immune activation when bacterial infection happens. BCG, a strong immune activator, is widely injected to newborns. Moreover, human beings are nasally exposed in daily life to bacterial stimuli. These background prompted us to investigate whether neonatal BCG injection combined with nasally exposure exerts an influence on dural lymphatics develop. Here, mice received a single dose intracutaneous (i.c.) BCG injection immediately after birth followed by repeated nasal BCG challenge once a day (i.c./nasal group). These mice had an accelerated dural lymphatics growth and increased levels of several cytokines and VEGFR-3. Furthermore, macrophages were identified as a key mediator of these alterations. Mice that received mere one dose i.c. BCG injection showed no significant alterations in these indexes. Additionally, mere repeated nasal BCG challenge induced similar effects to i.c./nasal challenge but with a slighter extent. Taken together, these findings show that repeated nasal BCG vaccination accelerates dural lymphatics development in neonatal mice, especially in the presence of neonatal i.c. BCG injection.</p>
<p> bioRxiv Subject Collection: Neuroscience</p>
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