May 9, 2021

My Fulbright scholarship experience “from application until I started my graduate degree”- Part 1

Let’s start first by introducing myself, for all it’s worth, I am a Fulbright scholar at Stony Brook university neurobiology and behavior department. I came to SBU master’s program through the bi-national Fulbright commission in Egypt that’s governed by Amideast and the state department in the US.

Fulbright’s programs/ scholarship aims to bring international students to the US/ and vice versa. Its main goal is to bring diversity and understanding between different cultures/ countries and people. You can see the history of Fulbright here.

I am documenting my fulbright’s full experience from application till acceptance, and hopefully graduation. It all started back in February 2018 as the Fulbright’s application cycle in my country starts in early March and ends by early May.

I applied through the Fulbright Egyptian commission website, after going through the required documents and eligibility criteria to get it prepared. You can find it here for Egypt, or you could look it up in your own country Fulbright website. I think these documents would be similar in most countries.

“A side note; as an international student in the US, from non-English speaking countries, you need to get a certain score in English proficiency test such as Toefl, IELETS, etc.. “

I had my Toefl score before application and started my application through their application platform that could be found here, for Egypt. I had my official transcript, resume, certificate, English score, statement of purpose, and research proposal ready for the application. We could talk about each one of them later. I submitted my application in early May and waited till mid-July when I got the response for the first interview. My first interview was mostly technical about my Job, previous research experience and published paper, and my future plans when I return from the US. Just an advice be confident and try your best to get them to know your experience, and future ambitions with all honesty, and confidence.

I then got my first conditional acceptance letter 3 weeks later, pending universities acceptance, we will come to that later. And I waited for further information related to information sessions for all grantees that was obligatory. In these sessions we knew more about the process that we’ll go through for the rest of the journey. We then met with Amideast advisors who came from Washington, DC to meet us in person and arrange with us the universities application processes.

There was another, very important, step where we got vouchers for GRE, and Toefl tests that we had to take before starting universities applications. In Egypt, we had very little time to schedule the tests and take them so if I were to go back, I would be prepared for these tests at earlier stages.

Find GRE resources here.

This concludes part one and in the upcoming posts I will mention the rest of the process stay tuned and safe. I will leave you with my compiled flights videos from Cairo, Egypt to my gateway in Nevada, US.

I’d be more than happy to answer any question posted in the comment below, or the website contact form.

3 thoughts on “My Fulbright scholarship experience “from application until I started my graduate degree”- Part 1

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I’m currently applying for Fulbright to study cognitive neuroscience and your story inspired me!
    I was wondering if you could share with us your tips on writing the study plan as well.

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