April 20, 2021

Hcfc1a regulates neural precursor proliferation and asxl1 expression in the developing brain

HCFC1 gene encodes a transcriptional co-factor that regulates cell proliferation, and previous studies suggest that HCFC1 regulates NPC number and differentiation. However, the molecular mechanism underlying these cellular deficits has not been completely characterized.

They’ve used zebrafish harboring mutations in the hcfc1a gene (the hcfc1aco60/+ allele), one ortholog of HCFC1, and utilized immunohistochemistry and RNA-sequencing technology to understand the function of hcfc1a during neural development.

Zebra fish mutation in The hcfc1aco60/+ allele resulted in an increased number of NPCs and increased expression of neuronal and glial markers. These neural developmental deficits are associated with larval hypomotility and the abnormal expression of asxl1, a polycomb transcription factor, which we identified as a downstream effector of hcfc1a. Inhibition of asxl1 activity and/or expression in larvae harboring the hcfc1aco60/+ allele completely restored the number of NPCs to normal levels.


hcfc1a regulates NPC number, NPC proliferation, motor behavior, and brain development.


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