May 9, 2021

GRE the full guide; where to start and free resources. A systematic approach to study GRE.

When you think about applying to graduate school at most of the prestigious universities in the US, Canada, and even Europe you’re often encountered with the word GRE.

GRE is the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) that’s offered through ETS “the administers of TOEFL”. GRE is divided into three sections; one is Math, two is the verbal and the third is Analytical writing. Each of which is divided to subsections; you could sign up for the test at their website in the link above.

The preparation to the exam can be daunting and resource exhaustive. And that’s why you have to be armed with the resources that could be useful to you and consumes less time to get your intended test scores. Test scores vary according to your intended program; check for the score that best fits your need through the average score of the accepted students.

There are plenty of GRE studying materials and courses that could be found online. Some of them are for free, and others are paid services. I will try my best to give you the materials that I found best suitable to your journey.

When preparing to GRE you should know how much time is left for your application deadline to plan ahead for your study period. This is because it can be from weeks to months according to how much time you could study per day. But, now I will leave you with suitable resources that could benefit you through your journey.

First, start by downloading and skimming through the ETS official books that could be found here easy to download. You could also watch the magoosh intro videos to get a glimpse about the test and you could download it here. Different books can be found here.

Second, and foremost, you should build your vocabulary while studying all the GRE sections. You could find useful Vocabulary resources with Magoosh android, or IOS free apps, you can find them here. Other resources could also be useful such as GRE books such as Barron, non-barron, Kaplan 1, 2 and some other PDFs you could find here and here.

Third, the math section of the GRE is rather easy but could be tricky. So, you shoult allot time, and effort to it so you could get the most of it. You could do this through watching the Magoosh GRE videos that could be found through their website “needs subscription that includes mock tests”, or you can download older version here, or here.. And, or Nova books here. While watching every section of math, you should also start practicing what you watch through real GRE math problems that could be found in different resources the best of them is Manhattan math book. Or other books that could be found here. You can also find different tests here that could serve as a practice to all sections. Princeton review could also be found in the link posted above.

The Verbal part is all about reading comprehension and dots connection. It’s a daunting section but with enough contextual understanding of the passages, and enough words library you could ace the verbal section. You could also find the video explanation for each and every section of the verbal part in Magoosh videos, princeton review, and ETS books. But it really is dependent on your comprehension to the context of the test sentences and paragraphs. So, focus more on reading magazine, and research articles such as NY times, Washington Post, Scientific American, and National geographic magazine. Try to get the most out of the flash cards and word resources I posted above and write every new word down to better consolidate your memory, and association.

The Analytical writing sections could only be mastered by practice and implementing good writing strategies that are not really different from TOEFL, and IELETS except for your critical thinking input that could be shown through the paragraphs you write.

Finally, when you’re done studying all of these sections alone, you should start taking full mock test through the different test resources that could be found here. This is in addition to ETS free tests, Magoosh mock tests, Manhattan, and my favorite, princeton review mock tests.

Find a list of GRE interactive practice tests here in addition to their pros and cons.

As a role of thumb you should take as many mock tests as possible so you could get modulate your pacing to the exam, and get familiar to the exam settings. I believe if you were to plan ahead and follow these organized steps, you’d be able to calmly take the test and ACE itt.

Leave a comment, and contact me through the contact us form if you want to discuss any of the posted information, or add new ones.

Good Luck.

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