January 20, 2021

Enhancement of synaptic AMPA receptors depends mutually on Src and PSD-95

Synaptic incorporation and removal of AMPA receptors is highly regulated to modulate the strength of synaptic transmission for long-term synaptic plasticity during brain development and associative learning. PSD-932 and PSD-95, two paralogs of the DLG-MAGUK protein family of signaling scaffolds govern the synaptic incorporation and stabilization of AMPA receptors opposingly, with PSD-95 promoting and PSD-932 inhibiting it. The associated signaling mechanisms that control the synaptic incorporation and stabilization remain elusive. Here, we used domain swapping between the antagonizing signaling scaffolds to identify the protein motifs responsible for enhancing synaptic AMPA receptors and the associated signaling protein. We narrowed down multiple motifs in the N-terminal domain that are principally responsible for governing the enhancement by Src. Specific activation and inhibiting peptides revealed continuous activity of Src. Together, the results depict a mutual dependence of Src and PSD-95 in enhancing and maintaining synaptic AMPA receptors.

 bioRxiv Subject Collection: Neuroscience

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