May 9, 2021

Digital 3D Brain MRI Arterial Territories Atlas

<p>The locus and extent of brain damage in the event of vascular insult can be quantitatively established quickly and easily with vascular atlases. Although highly anticipated by clinicians and clinical researchers, no digital MRI arterial atlas is readily available for automated data analyses. We created a digital arterial territory atlas based on lesion distributions in 1,298 patients with acute stroke. The lesions were manually traced in the diffusion-weighted MRIs, binary stroke masks were mapped to a common space, probability maps of lesions were generated and the boundaries for each arterial territory was defined based on the ratio between probabilistic maps. The atlas contains the definition of four major supra- and infra-tentorial arterial territories: Anterior, Middle, Posterior Cerebral Arteries and Vertebro-Basilar, and sub-territories (thalamoperforating, lenticulostriate, basilar and cerebellar arterial territories), in two hierarchical levels. This study provides the first publicly-available, digital, 3D deformable atlas of arterial brain territories, which may serve as a valuable resource for large-scale, reproducible processing and analysis of brain MRIs of patients with stroke and other conditions</p>
<p> bioRxiv Subject Collection: Neuroscience</p>
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