January 16, 2021

CA2 inhibition reduces the precision of hippocampal assembly reactivation

The structured reactivation of hippocampal neuronal ensembles during fast synchronous oscillatory events termed sharp-wave ripples (SWRs) has been suggested to play a crucial role in the storage and use of memory. Activity in both the CA2 and CA3 subregions can proceed this population activity in CA1 and chronic inhibition of either region alters SWR oscillations. However, the precise contribution of CA2 to the oscillation, as well as to the reactivation of CA1 neurons within it, remains unclear. Here we employ chemogenetics to transiently silence CA2 pyramidal cells in mice and observe that while SWRs still occur, the reactivation of CA1 pyramidal cell ensembles within the events lose both temporal and informational precision. These observations suggest that CA2 activity contributes to the fidelity of experience-dependent hippocampal replay.

 bioRxiv Subject Collection: Neuroscience

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