October 30, 2020

BayesFactorFMRI: Implementing Bayesian second-level fMRI analysis with multiple comparison correction and Bayesian meta-analysis of fMRI images with multiprocessing

BayesFactorFMRI is a tool developed with R and Python to allow neuroimaging researchers to conduct Bayesian second-level analysis and Bayesian meta-analysis of fMRI image data with multiprocessing. This tool expedites computationally intensive Bayesian fMRI analysis through multiprocessing. Its GUI allows researchers who are not experts in computer programming to feasibly perform Bayesian fMRI analysis. BayesFactorFMRI is available via Zenodo and GitHub for download. It would be widely reused by neuroimaging researchers who intend to analyse their fMRI data with Bayesian analysis with better sensitivity compared with classical analysis while improving performance by distributing analysis tasks into multiple processors.

 bioRxiv Subject Collection: Neuroscience

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