November 25, 2020

α-Synuclein facilitates dopamine release during burst firing of substantia nigra neurons in vivo

α-Synuclein is expressed at high levels at presynaptic terminals, but defining its role on neurotransmission under physiologically-relevant conditions has proven elusive. Researchers report that -synuclein is responsible for a rapid facilitation of dopamine release during action potential bursts in vivo. This occurs in tandem with a far slower stimulus-dependent depression, appears to be independent of the presence of {beta}- and {gamma}-synucleins or effects on presynaptic calcium and is consistent with a role for synucleins in the enhancement of synaptic vesicle fusion and turnover.

The results indicate that the presynaptic effects of -synuclein are dependent on specific patterns of neuronal activity.

 bioRxiv Subject Collection: Neuroscience

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